David Ramirez’s ‘Super 8’ Surprise

By: Lauren Jahoda

If you’re perusing for some insight into life on the road as a promising singer-songwriter, decorated with funny anecdotes, look no further.

Austinite, David Ramirez, archives his stories and experiences while on tour in what he calls “The Backseat” in order to, rather obviously, give folks a backseat perspective to his travels.

Yesterday Ramirez posted “Super 8,” which starts off like any public diary or journal entry by filling the reader in on everything from the low-paying gigs to driving his “little Kia,” and even being outsmarted by time change. If you continue reading his post, I can assure that you’re in for a real treat and perhaps a good chuckle.

To top it off, Ramirez concludes his story by attaching a song by Jason Isbell entitled “Super 8.”

I recommend reading some of Ramirez’s collection of stories. You’ll find his writing to be light, fun and an enjoyable digression into his private, but apparently very exposed, encounters.



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