First Aid Kit: “Stay Gold”

By: Liz Livi

I remember the first time I ever heard First Aid Kit. My cousin was showing me videos on YouTube — one in particular featured what seemed to be two sisters sitting in the woods singing a cover of Fleet Foxes’ “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song.” Their voices were amazing and I was hooked, immediately. I raced home only to Google more videos of their performances. I continued to listen to them throughout the years, even making an effort to see them when they played at the 2013 Newport Folk Festival. With their porcelain skin and 1960’s baby doll frocks, these girls were anything but childish – their set rocked the house, and brought me, personally, a little closer to folk music altogether.

On June 10, 2014, First Aid Kit released their third album Stay Gold, within which they sing well beyond their years, with serious melodies and describing life as a wanderer of the road. The sisters, Johanna and Klara, both under 25 years of age, have shifted their sound ever so slightly towards country. At times, if you listen closely, you can hear a newfound twang in their voices. The Stockholm two certainly have found themselves a beautiful place within the Americana niche, delivering the kind of soul that many country artists could only dream of. Of course, however, they haven’t forgotten their signature Swedish roots, as some very charming folk tracks inhabit the album, such as My Silver Lining and of course the title track, Stay Gold. 

Song Recommendations: “Cedar Lane,” “Master Pretender,” “Waitress Song”

Just for fun, take a moment to watch where and how it all began:


5 years and 3,918,963 enchanting views later…

Here’s a look at First Aid Kit’s acoustic performance of My Silver Lining at Latitude in the City on the London Southbank:

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