Heartstrings Review

Review: Angus & Julia Stone, Self-Titled

By: Andrew Kase

Angus and Julia Stone, as siblings, stand out among their songwriting duo and their kinship influence on their newly released self-titled album is deeply felt and palpable.

The first single from the album, “Heart Beats Slow,” proves to be just that, as one of the more radio-friendly tracks. “Main Street” is one of my favorites on the album because of the soft instrumentals and soothing mingle of harmonies from both Angus and Julia.

Julia’s raspy, yet light voice combined with Angus’ monotone sound mixes beautifully, not only on the aforementioned track, but also “A Heartbreak” — a song with a little more rock ‘n roll feel. Although the duo’s strength clearly lies in acoustic/folk music, as they every-so-slightly depart from these classifications, the transition is successful.

“Do Without” and “Death Defying Acts” continue to carry you on a sweet ride of synth and folksy beats and restful words. The former representing one of the more deeper tracks on the album, and the latter carrying a slower, intense sound throughout.

The album as a whole relays stories of love, heartache and the tribulations of life; their melancholy tunes are destined to move you, which remains one of the most appealing aspects of not only this 16-song creation, but the duo themselves.

The Stone’s self-titled album is breathtaking. They achieve an unprecedented grace about their style of music, combined with the originality of their lyrics and performance art, making them a unique act in today’s industry. They will stand the test of time because they have the power influence and relate to all who listen.

Watch Angus & Julia Stone’s performances at Live Deezer Sessions and their premiere video of “A Heartbreak” here:

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