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“Every One You Know”: An Interview with Olin & the Moon

Interview by Andrew Kase/Photo by Lauren Moore

Their Facebook page description reads: “Dreamt of in Montana, created in Idaho, perfected in Los Angeles.” Reminiscent of classic West coast Americana, Olin and the Moon have been together for almost 10 years. Every One You Know, self-produced and their first release since 2012’s Destroyer, is available now, everywhere. The album precedes another release coming later this year, and which is produced by Ryan Adams.

Andrew Kase: How did you guys come up with the name to your band? What was the process like?

Olin and the Moon: I started Olin as a side project for myself when I was just getting out of a hardcore band. I didn’t want to use my own name at the time and kind of wanted to start a band with out having any members yet, so I decided to go with Olin and the Moon. I was working at the airport and saw the name Olin on the check in list. It happened to be a little kid and I thought it was such an interesting name. At the same time I was always hanging out super late at night… hint the moon. I just put the 2 together and it became Olin and the Moon.

What the inspiration behind the title of your single, “Solitary Hill?” Did it literally involve finding a place where you can write outside, like one of the press photos implies?

I wrote Solitary Hill about being up at my house (which is on a hill) while I was unemployed. I would spend most of my time there alone during the day while my girlfriend was at work. At the same time things were changing with the band and my friends and I rarely saw any of them. So I came up with Solitary Hill, just writing about what was happening at the time. Watching endless episodes of the TV show Friends, and just reflecting on the past. I think every line in that song is just another day in that time period. I have since started working and hanging out with the band and friends! So it’s all good!!!


How did you guys self-produce and plan to self-release the album “Every One You Know?

When I’m not being Olin and the Moon I am a recording engineer. So I have a little home studio in my back bedroom and access to studios at times. But we did most of the over dubs and vocals in my back room with some help from our friend Eric Rennaker at Bedrock LA, who recorded the drums and did some of the other basic tracking. Also our friend John Gilbertson has a studio down at Bedrock LA and we got to track some piano, guitar, and keys with him.

As far as how we did this, it was just out of necessity. We are constantly creating new music and we just felt it was time to get something out, regardless of having a label or any help. Just gotta keep pumping out the jams now that we’re back in business.

What made you decide to release another full-length album later this year?

Right now we have a lot of content. I don’t see any good coming from sitting on it for too long. So you might see another release from us very soon. But right now we are focused on “Every One You Know,” we are very proud of it!

Describe your experience working with Ryan Adams. That must have been incredible.

Working with Ryan was super cool. He is such a talented dude! But I’ll save the details for when we decide to release the material that he helped us with!

You’re coming up on your ten-year anniversary as a group. How does that feel?

Old! I can’t believe it’s gonna be ten years. I look at everyone in the band as if we’re still 20 and just getting started. I hope we can continue to make records and just play music until we’re at our 20th anniversary.

How do you plan on celebrating that anniversary? 

I’m sure we’ll do a show or something cool… nothing planned. Man ten years is a long time… I don’t wanna grow up!

Your new album (Every One You Know) seems to beautifully combine the worlds of indie rock and alternative country/folk. How would you describe your music if you could specifically label it?

I’ve always had trouble describing our music because I never really “go for” any genre.

The songs just come out and we play what comes natural.

So I guess I would label it ” N/A “… is that an option?

Do you have any specific idols in the music industry? Who are they and how have they inspired you throughout the years?

I think anyone in the music industry who is genuinely happy and doing things for the right reason are my idols. There are a lot of shady people in that business… But I know some good ones!

You may not be familiar with it, but I follow a very popular photographer/blogger who calls his work “Humans of New York.” He walks the streets of NYC each day photographing individuals amidst their everyday routines and asks them some questions. He then posts a piece of their conversation to Facebook. He has over 8 million followers and the posts really are astounding. He often asks a question that is a personal favorite of mine that is not necessarily related, but I’d love to ask you ——- If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?

This may come off a little hippedy dippeddy, but DON’T STRESS OUT! I used to be so stressed all the time when I was younger and it didn’t do me or any of the people around me any good. Now I just look at every day like it’s awesome, even if I’m in a long ass line for a burrito…. hey, eventually I’m gonna have a burrito. Is that advice?

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