Festival Heartstrings Review

There’s No ‘I’ in Frendly Gathering 2015

Frendly Gathering began as a 250-person mini-gathering and has since evolved into a 3-day, 3,000-person music festival at the foothills of Timber Ridge Mountain in Vermont. Since its infancy, the gathering has been organized by Frends, a group of professional snowboarders and, well, friends. Frendly Gathering event hosts, Jack Mitrani and Danny Davis, join patrons throughout the weekend and wholeheartedly subscribe to this festival’s manifesto, fostering a focus on the community, rather than the individual:

At the Frendly Gathering, we want our guests to leave the real world behind, enjoy the fruits of nature, listen to music and enjoy the company of frends, new and old.

We believe in cultivating lasting frendships that in turn foster collaborative success and stand to rid future generations of exclusivity.

We want to help create a “we” generation that is selfless enough to overcome the “me” mentality.

We strive to create a lasting environment that is built upon kindness, generosity, and respect.

-Frendly Manifesto



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