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VIDEO: Jonah Tolchin/The Red Red Sea “Awakening”

Jonah Tolchin at Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn – February 18, 2016. Photo by Lauren Jahoda.

On July 6, 2014, I met Jonah Tolchin for the first time. Just to clarify, there was no actual meeting and no shaking of hands. The first time I met this wise, young soul was as Clover Lane played through my speakers. The listen resulted in an immediate Heartstrings review and a relationship I would soon come to know and cherish. Almost two years later, I’ve had the privilege to share a range of meaningful experiences with Jonah, and in doing so have also met Jonah the individual, the friend, the performer, the producer, the spiritualist, the cultivator, and the partner to his wife, Blue.

Some time this year, Jonah will be releasing his third full-length record, Thousand Mile Night, while also bringing forth the highly-anticipated band project, The Red Red Sea, which is comprised of Tolchin, Danny Roaman, Heather Nation and Marvin Etzioni.

Today we bring you a video of Jonah performing The Red Red Sea’s “Awakening” at the Blue Cliff Monastery in upstate New York. The song belongs to a record inspired by the story of Siddhartha, and Jonah’s posting of the video comes with his words — “I hope it brings you a moment of peace.” And with his words, comes my own promise: Peace, it brings.

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