Heartstrings Magazine
began in June of 2014, and signifies our enduring relationship with Americana, Roots music and its community. We believe in contributing to this community by interacting¬†with the sound, its creators and supporting the ground upon which they stand. While here, you will most certainly find interviews, articles, concert reviews, photography and festival coverage, but at the heart of every piece is music waiting to be discovered — so go ahead, and listen.

Heartstrings Presents,
our concert production and promotion offshoot, is the result of our desire to bring the live music found on our travels into the backyard settings of our communities. Our mission is to support and showcase established and emerging artists in listening spaces.


We offer management services to artists who amaze us and are seeking an advocate. If you’ve been asking yourself, “What exactly does a manager do?,” look no further. The answer can be found in this wonderful interview between Josh Ritter and his long-time manager, Darius Zelkha.